Polski EnglishLove that classic style of this motorbike!! While riding it in the city you feel like a movie star! Everybody greet you with a hug smile.    #ForTheRide

Be Free – Just Ride!!

Polski EnglishFinally! I can share with you Guys my video clip! I hope it will inspire you to travel, ride, explore the world! Remember ‚everything starts with a dream’… if you can dream it, you can do it!   That video wouldn’t be complated without help from wonderful people! Triumph Polska, Triumph Canarias – GUBRA, Triumph Motorcycles España thank you for making that trip happen!!…

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and I ride and I ride…

and I ride and I ride… ?? Film zamieszczony przez użytkownika Weronika Kwapisz (@weronika.kwapisz) 9 Paź, 2016 o 1:52 PDT

Castle at Janowiec

Polski EnglishIt’s getting colder and colder but there is no snow (yet) so we need to enjoy the season!!  Today I rode on a motorcycle about 200 km… and we haven’t been alone with Mr Street Twin.  Matthew, Zdzislaw, Michael and Gregory – thanks for the ride & great company! 


Triumph Meeting in Bieszczady Mountains

Polski EnglishIt supposed to be a beautiful weekend. Forecast said that it will be 18C (64F) and sunny! Perfect weather to enjoy on a motorcycle ‚Polish Golden Autumn’ in Bieszczady Mountains. Unfortunately fate was playing tricks on me, because one week before departure came cold front and instead of sunshine in the south of Poland we were waiting for snow.…

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weekend wildness with Triumph Bonneville T120

Polski EnglishIt supposed to be an ordinary weekend… when I heard that I’ll get brand new Triumph Bonneville T120 I was so happy that I started to overlook maps. I decided to go to the Swietokrzyskie Mountains. ln less then 3 days I rode 900 km… searching for motorcycle routes. I must admit that in Swietokrzyskie province you can find really nice roads!…

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Zostałam oficjalnym Ambasadorem marki Triumph Polska!! ? Nadszedł czas na nowe wyzwania #ForTheRide! ? ?

finally the ocean - the best present for 30 birthday!! :D

Happy Bday!

Polski EnglishHi Guys! That picture was made exactly one year ago when I reached Atlantic Ocean in Spain while my ‪#‎RidingAcrossEurope2‬ motorcycle trip. Remember Everything is Possible!! Even the craziest dream! 😉 Today is my birthday. ? ? And I would like to do someting unique… I would like to wish You: Be Brave. Be Strong. Take Risks. Smile, Laught! Don’t be afraid to make a fool…

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