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Exactly 5 years ago I bought a ticket to the United States without saying anything to anybody. A month later, I quit my job and in April I’ve landed at JFK airport in New York with a helmet in my hands, one bag and a head filled with dreams. You know what happened later… I experienced on Bonneville the journey of a lifetime.
After reading “Everything Starts with a Dream” I got from you lots of messages saying that this book was very inspiring for you Guys. You often asked me when I’ll publish the next one, but I tried to evade the answer because simply for a long time I didn’t want to end this American adventure,… it was so important stage of my life.
However, the day came when I realized that you need to close some doors so that you could open a new one and so I sat in front of the computer and put on a paper all the extraordinary events that happened to me during Riding Across America trip and the book (in Polish) “Seeking the Wild West” was born.
Today, the pre-orders have started! I hope that I’ve met the task you have put before me and that this book will entertain you, inspire you and most importantly you will feel again, the wind in your hair while reading it.