Weronika Kwapisz


*Jeśli jesteś zainteresowany prezentacją, bądź warsztatami motywacyjnymi „Wszystko zaczyna się od marzeń” w twoim mieście  napisz do mnie!

what kind of saddlebags do you have mounted on your Triumph Bonneville that you used for Riding Across America?

wpadaj do concord,30 mil od San Francisco,jest skromnie ale drzwi sa otwarte

Why didn’t you cross the Channel and do a trip around Britain?

We are also part of Europe and Poles are everywhere. You would have a warm welcome!

I’ve started reading your Europe book to test my Polish. Is it available in a paper version yet?

Hi! I didn’t have time to visit Britain… I had to go back to work. But believe me England, Scotland & Ireland are on the top of my wish list 😉
p.s I’m looking for publishing house so maybe soon there will be paper version 😉
best, Veronica