Harley-Davidson Forty-Eight


New day,… new bike. This time I decided to try Harley-Davidson Sportster Forty-Eight and once again I’m positively surprised. 🙂 Forty-Eight rides remarkably gently for it’s quite big 1200cc engine. I could swear that’s only 600cc motorbike but the heart of this bike and it’s hubble-bubble bass sound reminds me that’s a bigger motorcycle than I’m thinking. I’m opening the throttle and I feel the diffrence in speeding between this bike and HD 883 Iron. But for me this bike it’s more… ‘boulevard model’. Footpegs mounted far away in a front, rider bended over the tank… that bike was created to conquer the city… to flash in the town (even tank confirms it… with only 7,9l capacity). But hey I promise you everybody will like it! Even your neighbors because mufflers sound more like kettledrums from Bach orchestra then Heavy-Metal band 😛





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