Hardanger Norwegian Scenic Route


The trip’s start was rough; to be honest, I don’t remember any of my journeys starting without the bumps. This time I was trying to defeat time; the Triumph dealership in Bergen is open till 5 pm, and that’s the place where my compadre was waiting for me. My plane was supposed to land at 2:35 pm, so I had more than plenty of time to get my Bonnie, but oh boy, how I was wrong! My flight was delayed more than 1 hour; when we finally landed in Bergen cabin crew was letting people out in small groups because of some procedure troubles with check-in. When I left the airport I was running like hell to catch the tram, of course, it left the station in front of my eyes just when I was getting down the stairs. “Don’t panic!”. I was repeating to myself, “next one will come in just 10 minutes!”. Luckily it did, I just needed near the city center to switch it to the bus. I had 7 minutes for the transfer, so I was walking to the bus station with a big smile because it looked like I would be able to get on time before they would lock my buddy for the night. Although on the screen, I was reassured by the public transport system that my bus is coming, it didn’t… and a second one and a third one… I knew that I need a miracle; finally, a big guy on wheels came, but in my head, I could only hear tick-tock, tick-tock. I didn’t want to spend an extra night in Bergen; first of all, accommodations here are very expensive; secondly, I already paid for two nights in another town.


I started desperately searching for the dealership contact; finally, some lady picked up the phone and told me that she would ask her colleagues to stay 20 minutes longer, but she’s not sure if it’s possible. In 5 minutes I got the phone that they will take out the bike and it will be waiting for me. Luckily some good fellow took pity on me and waited for me, I was survived, and I spare the view to passers-by of my pale ass while changing into motorcycle clothes on the street. I could feel adrenaline bussing in my head, but I knew that things don’t happen without reason. Some guardian angel was navigating my path.

The first miles weren’t easy, new regulations, strict law in Norway says that if you speed up more than 2 miles of what’s allowed, you will need to pay around 100$ fee and 6 additional miles on your clock will cost you 260$!! So I wasn’t sure what I should look at first on my odometer or my Navi sat to know where to ride?!
When I just left Bergen, I had everything that’s Norway famous for curvy roads, lakes, fjords, waterfalls, tunnels, and I’m pretty sure that I even saw one troll on the road!

So, exhausted, I land in Norheimsund, where I planned to stay for two nights, not to have to ride with all my luggage for at least one day. And that was a great decision because the narrow one-lane road which leads to Fonna Glacier had a few scary twists and turns. The route was spectacular, very similar to Gavia in Italy. I was surprised that not so many people know about it. It has everything huge lake, cows on the road, small azure lakelets, and a huge glacier on the top underneath from which you have a magnificent panorama.

After that, I took route 550 called Hardanger; it winds like crazy around the fjord. The azure color of the water can easily hypnotize you. It’s worth finding a spot with a bench for a pitstop to eat lunch and watch this stunning panorama that changes every minute. The cherry on the cake was the Låtefossen waterfall which almost floods the road that you ring through. While coming back home, two huge tunnels were waiting for me first 12 km and the second 10 km long. The last time when I came to Norway, I had the pleasure of riding the Lærdal, the world’s longest road tunnel – 24.5km long! It was colorful with medium traffic, here it was cold, grey and I didn’t see any car in front of me nor in the back! It was quite a scary experience; I’m happy that I don’t have claustrophobia! Fortunately, when I left the last one in the Jondal, the open deck ferry was waiting for me. Funny fact, in Norway nowadays, you don’t pay on the ferry for your transfer, capitan is making only the picture of your plate, and the bill comes to your home. Nice, right?


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