Everything starts with a dream


“Everything starts with a dream. The motorcycles diaries” – finally available in English!!

Weronika Kwapisz wants to inspire us to travel thanks to her fascinating motorcycle adventure around Europe. It is hard to believe that this petite blond traveled 12,000 km on a small 125cc motorbike, which most would liken with a tiny moped for the postman rather than an adventure motorcycle. But as Weronika demonstrates – to want is to succeed. “Everything starts with a dream” will lift your spirit for adventure and spark a desire to part with your job at least for a moment. The writings of this book prove that spontaneous events and unexpected road changes strengthen the human spirit, teach us to happily accept surprises, and love every kilometer of the journey. After reading this book, more than one person will turn their computer off and ride their motorbike to feel the wind in their hair and to see the world with their own eyes and not just on the screen. As it turns out, the decision is the hardest part of the process. When we make the first step, we begin to take part in the biggest life adventure and the road itself becomes crystal clear.

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I highly recommend this book to anyone who's ridden. It's an inspiration to me to start planning more trips, longer trips, on my own bike. Like "Long Way Around", it's full of adventure and overcoming obsticles of both the physical and mental. Although Weronika is capable of riding a large bike, it was so fun to follow her adventure as she rode sweet little VanVan who proved to be just as tough as the little lady who accompanied him. I was so sad to see VanVan (Shogun) depart ways with her and it's always been obvious they bonded over this amazing trip. This book definitely makes you want to go home and imidiately pack your bags and hit the road and see the sights and meet new people! Thanks for sharing, Weronika! I look forward to following future adventures and to sharing my own!

Hello Weronika,
yes, I finished the book. And I liked it very much!. 🙂
I read a lot (!) of stories/ books which were done by motorbike or bicycle.
Your book is diffrent because you are driving “just” through Europe. Don’t get me wrong.
I have been traveling on a Vespa 200 through (western) Europe in the nineties.
I know the difficulties and advantages that come with such a small engine. ( I Loved it !)
I think your book shows that the adventure is just arround the corner.
Ted Simon, Lois Pryce and all the famous transglobal travelers do the long distances into the (at least for me) unknown continents.
But… who can do that?
I have a little girl, a house, a wife and so on. The big trips have to wait.
I hope I won’t be to old and doddery when I have the time do do these big trips.
But the average bloke or girl can also just hop on a bike and have a wonderful time just arround the corner.
I once had a 10 days trip to Scotland on an old, small Kawasaki Z 200.
When it was over it felt like a whole month!
Thanks for the motivation, inspiration!
Cheers Oliver

I completely enjoyed reading of Weronika’s trails and tribulations on her ride around Europe. She keeps a positive attitude through it all, even during not so pleasant times, riding through sickness and inclement weather. Being a rider myself I have an understanding of this, but I never took on a ride as long as this. Having had the pleasure to meet Weronika during her ride around the US this book was especially interesting for me to read. I recommend it to anyone that thinks of chasing a dream!

Weronika takes you on a riding tour of Europe. An intimate and authentic look into the everyday life as motorcycle traveler. Leaving in all the highs and lows that make motorbike travel so special. Her book has a rightful place on my shelf next to Ted Simon and Lois Pryce. Thanks for sharing your experience and reminding us of the joy that can be found in living out our dreams. I can't wait for the next one.

What a wonderful book. Weronika tells the story of her impressing journey very entertaining and humorous. She also gave her motorcycle “Shogun” the chance to tell some stories from the motorcylce’s point of view. Very funny. It also has a lot of nice pictures of the journey. I truly can confirm Iwona, once you start reading it’s hard to stop reading it. It’s fun to read, it’s fascinating and inspirational. As the book is self published you may have concerns about the quality of the book. Forget it. You won’t notice any difference between her book and a book published by a big publishing house. Shipping was also really quick. It took under a week from ordering until the booked arrived. Pretty good for an international shipping. I hope there are more books and journeys to come.

First of all I would like to congratulate on the trip, Weronika! As a rider myself I really enjoyed reading your book and if I recall it correctly I was already aware of this trip while it was happening. Was it a short article on a motorbike page I read that time or saw it on Facebook somehow? I can't tell, but I was already mesmerized by just thinking of an adventure of this magnitude. I read it with bittersweet feelings, but I guess this is what makes a good book. Sometimes it was funny to read about some of the countries I already visited and how you had the same experiences that I had (e.g. the Balkans). Occasionally I was quite sad how common (and unfortunate) past we share with our Polish brothers or how empty your rear-view mirror can be without a friend (or love in my case). I was glad that in the end your courage and will prevailed and you fulfilled your dream. To be honest I also listened to Czesław Niemen's song "Sen o Warszawie" during the last pages and for me it really gave a sentimental ending to the book. I would recommend this book to anyone, because you can't be too young or too old to see the world with your own eyes and go ahead no matter what obstacles trying to block your way.

I'm very impressed with a book by Weronika. It took me a while to start reading it, but when I started I couldn't stop. I read the book within 2 days. She had a lof of interesting adventures, visited beatifull places and met amazing and helpful people. This book can be an inspiration to realise their dreams, to have their hobbies and not to be afraid to follow their heart. I strongly recommend the book to everyone no matter the age. I gave the book to read to my 15 years old son. I think he can learn a lot from it and read with a pleasure, too. Very nice, easy and interesting book.

The story is told very nicely and humorously – but still true. The passion for learning of everything what is around the corner is the drive for the big adventure around Europe. Each of us would like to take part in this kind of yourney, but only few of us dare in our lives to do so.
A big applause for Weronika and her little motorcycle.