Don’t PANIC!

– subjective ”Adventure Motorcyclist Guide” –
#1 Don’t PANIC! 
Before you will start to pack you need to understand 3 things… First… We live in 21st century and in almost every part of the world within few hounders miles you’ll find a shop or a market where you’ll be able to buy the most necessary things… or you will meet people who will lend a helping hand. That’s why… don’t panic… you don’t need to take everything with you… you are not a turtle, right? You don’t need to take whole ‚house’ with you. BTW I’m pretty sure that you want to taste a real adventure, freedom… I mean you want to escape from your current life, don’t you? To do it remember about travelers mantra: “less is more”. 

While my adventures I’ve meet bunch of crazy riders who were taking with them lots of gadgets like chairs, beach chairs, showers, refrigerators and other stuff… I even know one motorcyclist who travel with accordion. I can understand desire to take with you your beloved instrument but thousand of other gadgets… sorry I don’t… Remember your ‚poor donkey’ (motorbike) will have to handle with all of them… Create a list of things that you want to take with you…
Make a good selection and don’t pack in the day of departure. There is nothing worse to start your journey when you’re anxious. Believe me I experienced it… instead of enjoying the fact that you’re starting your lifetime adventure you’re falling apart. 

Second thing that you should remember is the fact that you can’t plan everything! I know, I know you might be the master planner but all you preparation might fall to pieces in few seconds due to creepy weather or because your reliable (till that moment) equipment decided to break down in the least expected moment in the middle of nowhere… Don’t turn white with rage, don’t get mad. Just let the adventure carry you. Maybe thanks to that incident you will meet on your way great people or you will get lost and find the most scenic nook in the world. If you survive this crisis… later you’ll remember this moment with smile on your face because those will be this magic moments that you’ve been dreaming about still sitting in home.

The third and last thing that I want to mention today is ‚time’… When you put the key into the ignition and start your motorcycle it’s the moment when you should put your watch into the saddlebag. From that moment you don’t participate in a rat race! You’re not going with your boss who gets mad when you’re 3 minutes late from your lunch (or maybe you’re the boss?)… now it’s time to chillout… stop rush. From that moment day and night will determine the time of a day. Meal hours? When you are hungry or tursty just stop and make a break. Nor more… nor less…
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