Weekend in Bergamo


Do you have the hump? You want to break free from reality and experience La Dolce Vita? For all these symptoms, the doctor should prescribe you a visit to Bergamo! In a small, charming Italian town that will allow you to distance yourself from everyday life thanks to the magical atmosphere, as well as moments of pleasure… delicious coffee, the…

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Triumph Alps Masters 2019


In last post I’ve mention 2018, now it’s time to boast plans for a new season. In the calendar we couldn’t miss another „Triumph Alps Masters” trip which I’ll organize third time in a row. It’s pleasure for me to show other riders the beauty of alps hairpins. There will be like always lot’s of corners and stunning views of…

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I’ve been delaying this for a long time, but it’s time, to sum up 2018! I am grateful for the last 12 months. So much has happened in such a short time, first of all, one of my biggest dreams has come true. Riding Across New Zealand and seeing Sydney Opera from the saddle of the motorbike. In addition, last…

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…end of the season


Everything what’s good comes to an end… Suddenly, the autumn came. 🍁African summer had disappear with storks which have flown to other continent but I won’t complain ohh no, no, no!! It’s hard to belive for me that this year I’ve ridden more then 20 000 kilomiters on the motorbike. In the wildest dreams I couldn’t imagine that I’ll visit so…

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It’s never too late… to find yourself!

Independence Day


Today is a special day in Poland. We’re celebrating 100 years of Poland regaining independence. I’m so happy that I can live, travel, explore, discover… make my dreams come true. Something that my grandparents didn’t have, because their only dream was to survive. Happy Independence Day Poland!! #Freedom #IndependenceDay ️🇵🇱