Don’t PANIC!

– subjective ”Adventure Motorcyclist Guide” –
#1 Don’t PANIC! 
Before you will start to pack you need to understand 3 things… First… We live in 21st century and in almost every part of the world within few hounders miles you’ll find a shop or a market where you’ll be able to buy the most necessary things… or you will meet people who will lend a helping hand. That’s why… don’t panic… you don’t need to take everything with you… you are not a turtle, right? You don’t need to take whole ‚house’ with you. BTW I’m pretty sure that you want to taste a real adventure, freedom… I mean you want to escape from your current life, don’t you? To do it remember about travelers mantra: “less is more”. 

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How did it all start?


startI hope that I will keep alive the kiddo that’s living in me… because age is only number in ID, right? 😉 Yesterday was Children’s Day so I want to share with you one of my precious moments in my life… my first EVER ride on motorcycle!! That day a dream had risen in my head to ride motorbike on my own… one day… And I’m suprised that this dream of little girl become reality. Dream BIG Guys!!! Because „Everything starts from a dream”!! 🙂


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