Triumph Meeting in Bieszczady Mountains


It supposed to be a beautiful weekend. Forecast said that it will be 18C (64F) and sunny! Perfect weather to enjoy on a motorcycle ‚Polish Golden Autumn’ in Bieszczady Mountains. Unfortunately fate was playing tricks on me, because one week before departure came cold front and instead of sunshine in the south of Poland we were waiting for snow. It’s supposed to be first meeting organized by me for Triumph Fans as part of the series called #TriumphAdventureClub. But it seemed that we will have to select snowmobiles instead of motorcycles due the weather. Most people who wanted to participate in the meeting got cold or was afraid that their will get it as soon as they jump on the bike in this ‚lovely’ weather. Only few people didn’t gave up and they were regularly checking the forecast, hoping that the weather will stabilizes… and it will be snowing but only at the arctic circle – not in Poland! I get used to such a fickle weather in Iceland. In a country where no one asks: „is it gonna rain?”, but only „when it’s gonna rain”?
Thankfully I heard from a few brave souls that if there won’t be a ‚white road’ they will come. I wasn’t sure if I would meet anybody at the hotel on Friday… but to my surprise few badasses came! We spent togheter great evening telling motorcycle stories. On Saturday at 10 everybody were sitting on their bikes ready to ride on and experience new adventure. I planned 250 km route for participants. I wanted to show them Bieszczady from a little diffrent perspective and I think I passed a test because the was s cheerful atmosphere. After few hairpins, I saw behind me in the motorcycle mirror only smiling faces. Riding through narrow roads, crossing the hills, we were riding along the San river. Leaning to the left and to the right, riding through winding roads. The colors of the trees that surrounded us, were hypnotising. Only view of snow-capped peaks arouse us from this blissful dream. Unfortunately all good things must come to an end… it was hard to part on Sunday. But I was happy because everybody were asking: „when’s the next trip?” so probably we will meet soon on the road! 

Iwona, Paweł, Dariusz & Marek thank you for coming and creating great atmosphere! I promise I’ll organize few more trips to show you some cool neck of the woods in Poland ! 

weekend wildness with Triumph Bonneville T120


It supposed to be an ordinary weekend… when I heard that I’ll get brand new Triumph Bonneville T120 I was so happy that I started to overlook maps. I decided to go to the Swietokrzyskie Mountains. ln less then 3 days I rode 900 km… searching for motorcycle routes.
14206215_1101932893176365_2086801596154462240_oI must admit that in Swietokrzyskie province you can find really nice roads! I can tell you (in a secret) that soon you’ll be able to come around and join me in my journeys!

Sleeping in a tent… being on my own… just motorcycle, me and the road! I make out – that was what I need!! Over the last few months I forgot how it is to live on the road. I forgot about all small things that matters. Sometimes you need to frozen to the marrow, get hit in your face by hundred flies to wake up and understand what’s important in life!
About the Bonneville… He catch attention everywhere… but that’s nothing new because this model makes people smile from decades! How it rides? The new T120 is like no Bonneville before it. All the modifications are noticeable! That bike has the power, suspension and breaking. The capacity was upsized from 865cc to a full 1200cc and you can feel it!! When you hear the bass sound and you accelerate the smile appears on your face! In fact, it feels like there’s even more torque than Triumph claims. The riding experience… you can’t cheat feelings if you know what I mean! Besides you know that I have fallen in love in that model while my Riding Across America trip! I’m pretty sure that thanks to the changes in new model there will be more and more Bonneville enthusiast.

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