2020 Triumph Tiger 900 GT Low Review I Test Ride

For a long time, you were asking me who won the battle? Tiger or Bonneville? Now you can watch on YouTube my full review of a Tiger 900 GT on which I was riding through the past season!    


Lublin in 24 hours

Sometimes to see the world you need to take off your helmet, motorcycle boots, jacket, and just walk. And that’s what I did today! Some foreign tourists call Lublin a Polish hidden gem. It’s not so popular city like Cracow, Wroclaw, or Gdansk but man I like its laid back atmosphere. I’ve been here a few years ago and I’m surprised…

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okładka_w poszukiwaniu

new book

Exactly 5 years ago I bought a ticket to the United States without saying anything to anybody. A month later, I quit my job and in April I’ve landed at JFK airport in New York with a helmet in my hands, one bag and a head filled with dreams. You know what happened later… I experienced on Bonneville the journey…

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Triumph on the roads and paths of the Hobbits.

On February 28, at the Praha cinema in Warsaw, I’ll have the pleasure to talk about my last year’s motorcycle journey to the land of the Hobbits. If you want to hear what adventures have happened to me in New Zealand and Australia – drop by!    Link to the event on Facebook:


Weekend in Malta

There comes a period in a year when we all miss sunlight. Where to go to charge our batteries with picturesque colors and the rays of the sun? In December I’ve decided to travel to Malta and even in my innermost dreams, I did not expect that on such a small patch of land I would find so many charming…

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Weekend in Bergamo

Do you have the hump? You want to break free from reality and experience La Dolce Vita? For all these symptoms, the doctor should prescribe you a visit to Bergamo! In a small, charming Italian town that will allow you to distance yourself from everyday life thanks to the magical atmosphere, as well as moments of pleasure… delicious coffee, the…

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Triumph Alps Masters 2019

In last post I’ve mention 2018, now it’s time to boast plans for a new season. In the calendar we couldn’t miss another “Triumph Alps Masters” trip which I’ll organize third time in a row. It’s pleasure for me to show other riders the beauty of alps hairpins. There will be like always lot’s of corners and stunning views of…

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I’ve been delaying this for a long time, but it’s time, to sum up 2018! I am grateful for the last 12 months. So much has happened in such a short time, first of all, one of my biggest dreams has come true. Riding Across New Zealand and seeing Sydney Opera from the saddle of the motorbike. In addition, last…

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…end of the season

Everything what’s good comes to an end… Suddenly, the autumn came. ?African summer had disappear with storks which have flown to other continent but I won’t complain ohh no, no, no!! It’s hard to belive for me that this year I’ve ridden more then 20 000 kilomiters on the motorbike. In the wildest dreams I couldn’t imagine that I’ll visit so…

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