on the road again

me and VanVanFew days ago I started new adventure. After Riding Across America it was hard for me to stay in one place so I start to plan another travel. And BOOM!! After few months of preparation I’m on the road now 🙂
This time I’m riding a small 125cc motorbike but it has a huge soul so I don’t care that it has only 12HP. On this bike I want to ride 10K miles around Europe from Iceland to Lisbone… from Lisbon to Tuscany… from Tuscany to Alps…
Sometimes people ask me why I’m doing it… and the answer is simple… because I’m loving it! I love the wind in my hair, the road moving under my feets. If you are a rider you know what I mean 😉

How did it all start?


startI hope that I will keep alive the kiddo that’s living in me… because age is only number in ID, right? 😉 Yesterday was Children’s Day so I want to share with you one of my precious moments in my life… my first EVER ride on motorcycle!! That day a dream had risen in my head to ride motorbike on my own… one day… And I’m suprised that this dream of little girl become reality. Dream BIG Guys!!! Because „Everything starts from a dream”!! 🙂


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