…end of the season

42351641_1858255500877430_2574213074336612352_oEverything what’s good comes to an end… Suddenly, the autumn came. 🍁African summer had disappear with storks which have flown to other continent but I won’t complain ohh no, no, no!! It’s hard to belive for me that this year I’ve ridden more then 20 000 kilomiters on the motorbike. In the wildest dreams I couldn’t imagine that I’ll visit so many spectacular places, ride thousends of scenic routes and meet so many wonderful people! I’m also greatful that second year in a row I could uncover the beauty of motorcycle adventures to fantastic riders. I will end up season like always with a bang taking part in The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride😜 🎩


Edie-final-approved-quad-640x480It’s never too late… to find yourself! If you’re looking for some inspiration – watch „Edie”! It’s beautiful movie about dreams, courage and strength to go against the grain. Sometimes you might say to yourself that it’s to late for you to make your dreams come true. Bull$h*t!! Watch how Sheila Hancock (age 85) rocks!! P.S. If you liked „Into the Wild” and „Wild” I’m sure you will love that story too! 😉  🎬

Be Free – Just Ride!!

Finally! I can share with you Guys my video clip! I hope it will inspire you to travel, ride, explore the world! Remember ‚everything starts with a dream’… if you can dream it, you can do it!  
That video wouldn’t be complated without help from wonderful people! Triumph PolskaTriumph Canarias – GUBRATriumph Motorcycles España thank you for making that trip happen!!

Bartek & Kuba thank you for a great footage! Adam you’re sound magician! Kuba you’re movie Picasso! GislaineMess KaJan-Uwethank you for helping me with translating subtitles!! 

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