Happy Bday!

finally the ocean - the best present for 30 birthday!! :D

Hi Guys!
That picture was made exactly one year ago when I reached Atlantic Ocean in Spain while my ‪#‎RidingAcrossEurope2‬ motorcycle trip. Remember Everything is Possible!! Even the craziest dream! 😉 Today is my birthday. 🎂 😝 And I would like to do someting unique… I would like to wish You:

Be Brave.
Be Strong.
Take Risks.
Smile, Laught! Don’t be afraid to make a fool of yourself!
Stay Positive! Stay true to yourself!
…and Make Your Dreams Happen!!

Weronika ❤

Where to go?


Next chapter from – „The Subjective Adventure Motorcyclist Guide” 

#2 Where to go?

This time I decided to talk a little bit about selecting the route… I’m pretty sure that all of you dream about different destinations in the world which you would like to see from the saddle of your motorbike.  I need to confess that I’m dreaming about far away New Zealand, Kyrgyzstan, The British Isles and Alaska. Nevertheless, we can find routes or places close to our homes which will ‚blow your mind’ or make you smile ear to ear. Irregardless where you live!

Before I started to travel around the world… over ten years I was riding with my Father in the motorcycle club. Twice in the month we were going somewhere… discovering new necks of the woods in Poland. Few years ago when we started to count how many kilometers did we ride togheter it turned out that we traveled 100 000 km only in our country! As you can see appetite grows while riding. I did get much out of these journeys. First of all I understood, if you want to see the world avoid main roads! Give a wide berth from interstates & expressways… unless you want to see white or yellow line which divides lanes?! Start with exploring your own country. Rediscover it! Certainly more than once it will surprise you. I acquaint with Polish people who plan to visit Israel, Africa, South America… but when you ask them have you been in Kłodzka Valley or Bieszczady Mountains ( which are beautiful regions in Poland)? They answer: „Not yet!”

VIRB PictureI don’t know how about you Guys but when I’m preparing for the next trip I try to plan route which I’ll be riding. That helps me not to skip the coolest places on the route and maximize time that I have for my journeys. Not to mention about the budget but I’ll talk about it another time. When I set up the tour it motivates me to keep going… there are times that I would love to stay in one place for ‚few’ more days but ‚someday’ I need to go back home. But as I find out while my adventures you can’t predict everything! You can throw your watch to the saddlebags and just chill out because real adventure starts when ‚fate’ starts to play with us and for example road have been washed out during a flash flood; closed because of snow storm or because tornado which passed the day before. I experienced all of this situations at first hand. You start to feel really nervous when you have to ride extra 200-300 km in the end of the day (amid the detour). In such a situation you need to calm down and ask yourself: „Why you’re doing it?” and „Can you shorten the route for today by changing your destination?” When you ‚have’ to reach certain place you just need to ride forward and enjoy it because you’re doing what you love, aren’t you? Schedule few extra breaks and you won’t feel in your bones 900 km ridden via local roads during the day! Read more

Father’s Day


Today in Poland we have Father’s Day! I wish you all to spent more time with your family! Create memories that will last forever! Remember, as a wise man once said: “Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take, but by every moment that takes your breath away.”
Dad! I love you!! Happy Father’s Day! ❤ 

I will miss you… Granny

Irena KwapiszToday.. passed away… my beloved, wonderful Grandmother. Thanks to her I’m riding motorcycle. Grandma! Thank you for gasoline in my veins.. for ‚motorcyclist gene’! Now you will jump once again on motorcycle with your sweetheart Johnny (who you missed so much) and I’m sure you will ride together many miles on heavenly roads. Thank you for everything!!

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